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For My Life

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

"May you prosper and be in heath even as your soul prospers."

3 John 1:2

In my post - Crash of 2019 - I shared about the physical/mental/emotional/spiritual challenges I faced, and how I felt like I was literally fighting for my life. After crying out to God, in October of 2019, I found the Be In Health Ministry in Thomaston, GA.

Through the things I learned and applied from God's Word

I got my life back!

I had known for a long time that I have an enemy.

God's Word had told me that my Adversary is like a roaring lion, seeking who he may devour. He is a lier and the father of lies. He comes to steal, kill, and destroy. He is unseen. I'm not fighting against flesh and blood but against principalities, powers, unseen wickedness in high place. I even knew that the battle is taking place in my mind.

I understood that the Adversary is allowed to "tempt" us away from God's principles for right living. I also knew that temptation comes in the form of thoughts. When we are tempted and choose to stray, it's called sin.

I'd also known for a very long time that My God is more powerful than any enemy who could confront me — and that Jesus came to defeat him and to set us free.

And even though I knew all that truth, without realizing it I had still allowed the enemy free reign in my brain! I had become a captive—held hostage in my own mind through the thoughts I had allowed to run rampant through my mind! I fell victim to Fear and Anxiety. And it started affecting my health.

I'd been duped!

Through the For My Life Retreat with Be in Health Ministries in Thomston, GA, I learned some key truths that filled in some gaps in my understanding.

In the process, the Truth of God set me free!

I started the For My Life Retreat Online in October, 2019

Through 22 online teaching and ministry sessions they emphasized the love of our Father, exposed the enemy, explained the mind/body connection from a Biblical perspective, and gave practical steps to freedom.

Here are my biggest ah-ha's from the Be in Health (BIH) resources:

BIH taught me about the mind/body connection from a Biblical perspective. A key verse is "May you prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers." 3 John:1,2. When my soul prospers, my whole being—including physical health—will prosper.

I learned that wrong thinking steals my peace and puts me at "dis-ease,"leading to physical disease!

I learned about Alpha, Beta & Theta Brainwaves and it filled in some gaps in my knowledge of "being transformed by the renewing of my mind." I realized that many thoughts coming into my head were not even my own! The enemy planted the thoughts - and then accused me for having them! A double whammy!!!!

I had actually been repenting for having thoughts that weren’t even my own! [See my post - Who Told You That?]

Every thought has a chemical reaction.

BIH taught me the physiology around the hypothalamus and the endocrine system. Bad chemical reactions eventually make me sick. there are over 130 diseases caused by misfiring of the hypothalamus. So if Satan wants to destroy me, all he has to do is give me wrong thoughts that put me at dis—ease and lead me into disease. [Before BIH I had been saying that I felt like something was “misfiring” - causing my body to slip into fight or flight without me being able to control it. I told my friend Julie I wished there was a way to "retrain my gut" to stop acid from being released automatically! We asked God to show me what to do—and then I found BIH! God had an answer for me, through BIH. It wasn't my gut I needed to retrain. It was my BRAIN!]

BIH taught me how most of my challenges originated in generations before me. It made so much sense to me. (I’d been saying things like, “this is not like me - I’m not an anxious person. Why do I keep feeling anxious?” No matter what I did I kept experiencing anxiety—and at times experiencing severe Fear responses through panic attacks. I learned about generational iniquity and realized that Accusation, Fear, and the Occult were strongholds in my family and were working on controlling me.

As I listened to the teaching over three weeks,

things got “quieter” inside my head.

BIH not only taught, they stood with me and took authority over the enemy in my life. All the “internal chatter” that was running rampant in my head quieted down. My mind was no longer cluttered or confused. I felt more at peace.

As I began to put into practice the things I was learning, I had a huge shift in how I felt physically — I got better daily. And spiritually I went back to “being on the offense” against my enemy rather than simply “being on the defense.” Be In Health offers a follow-up retreat called Walk Out and I decided to attend in January of 2020. It solidified what I'd been learning online and I continued to put into practice the things I'd been learning.

Three months after starting, I was so so much better!

If you are a Christian and all your usual spiritual weapons are not working to give you relief physically or mentally, it's not your fault! I'd encourage you to ask God to show you if there might be a spiritual root to your problem.

Update: It's October 2020 and I cannot believe what a stark difference there is in my whole being! I'm no longer just surviving. I'm THRIVING!

Exposing the Spiritual Roots of Disease is a great little book by Dr Henry Wright if you are interested in learning more.

Learn more about Be In Health Ministries

Here are my take-aways from the Walkout Retreat.

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