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Walk Out

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

"May you prosper and be in heath even as your soul prospers." 3 John 1:2

So I told you about my Crash of 2019. This is the story of Walking Out of the darkness in 2020.

Walkout retreat in Thomaston, GA – January 2020

I traveled to GA to attend the Walk Out Retreat in person. It feels “grassroots.” A simple place with authentic people. Not perfect, but loving and grace-filled. I’ve learned so much!

Here are some take-aways:

1. It finally sunk in that God is ‘for real’ my LOVING Father - I had a false picture of who He is all these years. I grew up Catholic, and while most of my thinking was corrected, I continually battled "working to please" and "being accepted." Without realizing it, it was still a way of life.

In my head I'd known I was loved, but God allowed me to recognize my identity as his much-loved daughter in a deeper way. An inner knowing that I am safe and secure at all times no matter where I am or what is happening. My Father is always with me so whatever is going on, He will show me exactly what to do.

2. It was reinforced that I am a spirit, I have a soul, and I live in a body.

3. I recognized that I will prosper and be in health, even as my soul prospers. Everything is connected through my soul. That's were my mind, my affections, and my will are. I always have a choice.

4. I learned that we all have generational iniquities - evil spirits that travel down the generations and know our families well. They have been around a looooong time! They hang around looking for someone to entertain their suggestions! It’s not my fault that I had them - we all do.

I learned that they "manifest themselves" (tempt me) through my Theta brain waves and influence my thoughts and feelings (my soul). They also cause physical illness because my body is a responder to my soul. When my soul is not at ease (dis-ease) it can cause physical disease

I learned about pathways of thought, and I learned to be alert to recognize thoughts planted by the enemy. They try to join me and connect with my own wrong thinking. I learned to repent for my part in allowing myself to come into agreement with them, and then receive my Father’s grace and forgiveness as I am set free.

I learned to take the authority Jesus gave me and command them to leave me and my generations from this point forward, and to cancel their assignment in Jesus’ Name.

5. I learned that since my body is a responder to my soul, my body will move back toward homeostasis the way God designed it to when my soul is at peace. 80% of disease has spiritual root and It is all a result of a breakdown of relationship between me and my God, me and myself, and Me and other people.

"Love the Lord your God with all you heart, and soul and mind - love others as you love yourself.

If that is the greatest commandment, then that is what Satan will come against - a breakdown of relationships between me and God, Me and myself, and me and others.

I will guard my relationships, and I will continue to resist the enemy by literally casting down imaginations and taking my thoughts captive by using God's Word. How I do that, see my post Thinking About Thinking.

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