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Maximizing! Altered Art

I'm a major "Maximizer" . . . always seeing even MORE potential in things that are already pretty great . . .

According to StrengthsFinder 2.0, a Maximizer loves to "see potential in something or someone and draw it out" . . . Maximizing is one of my highest strengths. As a coach I love seeing potential in leaders and emerging leaders and drawing out the best in them. And as a designer I'm having so much fun "maximizing" basement, attic, and thrift store finds! I can just see the wonderful potential locked up inside a piece - and all the possibilities for giving it new life.

So I'd been having this urge to improve on a print I bought at Krirklands a few years ago, even though I already "fixed the bike" as soon as I brought it home a few years ago. (I painted over it to get rid of the huge ugly back fender that went halfway down the wheel)

I hadn't had time to paint myself, so I just felt this compulsion to texturize this one to death! LOL

Unfortunately I never took a before picture . . . just started texturizing away - adding paint, gel medium, torn paper . . . I also chalk painted the brown frame, changing it to charcoal grey. I called it quits for now. Some day I may tackle it again and who knows what it will turn into? Possible a whole new painting for the frame!

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