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Whispers and Nudges

Whisper (noun)

: a very soft, quiet way of speaking that can only be heard by people who are near

Nudge (noun)

: a slight or gentle push or jog to get someone's attention, prod someone into action

A couple weeks ago I listed some things on FaceBook Marketplace when I was in a serious “Let it Go” stage of sifting and sorting. This morning a message popped up from someone in the twin cities, asking how far away we lived, and if I’d consider shipping the lace tablecloth she had come across on my listing. I messaged back that I’d be happy to get shipping costs for her. Next, she sent me her phone number and asked if I’d be willing to give her a call. Without giving it much thought, I clicked on it to dial—and in an instant I was connected to a lovely woman I’d never met . . .

Kim told me that she is always a bit leery of buying / selling with people on Marketplace, so she had clicked on my FB name to check me out before messaging. Somehow or other she ended up on a blog post that I had written a few weeks ago about my unexpected journey of letting things go and some of the life lessons I gleaned along the way.

She thanked me for writing it and said it was very encouraging and inspiring to her—just what she needed to hear! She told me I seriously should keep writing—that what I had to say was important and I’d never know who God may touch with my words.

Interestingly, what Kim did not know was that this morning I had a conversation with the Lord as I usually do, asking Him to direct my steps and to help me be mindful of the people He would place in my path.

She also did not know that God has been whispering to my heart lately, giving me a strong desire to write about everyday life lessons He’s been teaching me! I’ve written some thoughts over the years, but since my recent “letting-go-to-be-ready-for-the-next-life-chapter-of-life” experience, I’ve been aware of thoughts bubbling up inside me, ready to come tumbling out! And this morning, God nudged Kim to read some of those thoughts and encourage me to keep writing. Amazing! My written words inspired her through cyberspace—and her spoken words came back to encourage me!

It made me mindful of so many little whispers and nudges in my life that I’ve either taken for granted or missed completely simply because I’d been too busy or distracted.

Lord, please help me to stay alert each day—to hear Your voice and take a step—to be Your hands and feet and voice, encouraging others on the journey.

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