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Updated: Jun 15, 2020

November, 2014

Last week was Christian Life Fellowship's 35th anniversary, and I was asked to help with a few displays of photos to celebrate the rich history of this great church family. The challenge: Create four large display tables - two on each end of the very high-celinged Performing Arts Center in Wisconsin Rapids. 

Here is the process I used to create the displays:

Step 1:Prayed with my friend Julie for a great way to do this with little or no money! Thanks to in-house printing and our free roll of black paper, we were able to do this entire project for $55!

Step 2: Went on a hunt around the church for things that would make an interesting "framework" for the photo display. I went out to the garage and gathered some old wooden boxes from past musical events, grabbed a couple leather cubes for seating from the children's wing, spied two cardboard barrels - one in the garage and another in a storage room, borrowed two silver cylinder waste cans, and two half-rounds!

Step 3:Realized what a large task I had gotten myself into, and enlisted the help of a few creative friends - thanks Kristi and Karen! We took measurements and Karen curt large black paper to cover the cylinders.

Step 4: I looked through hundreds of photos and choose a variety to illustrate many of the people and events over the years. Made them black and white, guessed at some helpful sizes to fit our boxes and cylinders, and asked Pam to send them through the printer. 

Step 5: We played with the boxes and cyllinders until we got an arrangement we liked.

Step 6:I trimmed photos and Kristi begin arranging them for the cylinders. Using LOTS of double-sided tape we secured the photos for all of our cylinders on large sheets of black paper on the floor. When complete, we taped the large black paper filled with photos onto the cylinders. 

Then we numbered the large photos for the wooden boxes and cubes. We decided to wait to attach them until we set up at the PAC on Saturday night. We rolled lots of pieces of gaff tape to attach them to the boxes when they were all in place.

Step 7: Found the black tablecloths, rounded up some candleholders and battery-operated candles to add to the display and we were ready to go.

Four large displays coming up - just had to recreate them at the Perfomrin gArts Center. Everything was numbers. Here is one of the tables:


A close-up:

People enjoyed the photos so much that we re-created it at church so they could enjoy it a few more weeks.

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