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Monochromatic Birches

Updated: Jan 8, 2021


Monochromatic Birches - Mixed Media on a 20 x 24 stretched canvas.


Golden Grove, 18 x 24 - Another piece created using the same method on a cradled wood paneled substrate.

I tried a new few new techniques on these paintings. Here are the supplies I used for Monochromatic Birches:

For Golden Groves I used Rustoleum's Metallic Accents, Gold and other heavy-bodied Golden acrylic colors, as well as some paper snippets applied with gel medium.

Here is the basic process for the Monochromatic Birches:

First I applied Dick Blick silver acrylic paint over the entire background with a sponge. It has a pewter-y look to it.

Next I tinted a sizable portion of Utrecht Acrylic Modeling paste with black to make it gray and began applying it to the 20 x 24 canvas with a palette knife.

I continued applying textured trees, adding some black knots while the paint was still wet. I grew my forest as I went along, placing larger and smaller trees in a pleasing combination.

I added small branches with black and a narrow brush.

Next I used a palette knife to apply white acrylic to the left side of the trees.

Then I added Utrecht Buff to the right side of the trees for a sun-lit look.

I was debating whether to add anything else - like adding some collage texture or other subtle color to the trees, but decided to call this one complete. Here's a close-up showing the modeling paste texture. I love the 3D quality.

"Hey grandma, you should paint me something for my apartment!" When your 21-year-old grandson requests one of your paintings, I think it's quite an honor!

Riley just drove away with this one - he says it will look perfect in his monochromatic apartment at UW Green Bay!

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