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Making a Memory - Kaleigh's Room

September, 2014

We had a wonderful time in North Carolina last week at our son and daughter-in-law's new home - and it was fun to tackle a few projects. Kaleigh wanted a design on her newly painted aqua walls. After a lot of discussion and lots of options, she settled on  using the design on her new comforter as inspiration.

Kaleigh's Inspiration: Her new comforter and pillow shams - she wanted a giant chevron design across her wall

My challenge was that it was a chevron - more geometric than my usual free-flowing style! Soooo . . . her dad and grandpa Bob came to the rescue - saving me from a high stress level by offering to measure and tape the outline for me! Whew! Thank heaven for those who actually enjoy measuring!

Dad & Grandpa to the "measuring rescue."

A few details:

We decided the highest points would be 3' from the baseboard and used little pieces of tape to help mark it. Using a 2' level we made dots with a pencil along the wall.

Then we decided how "steep" we wanted our angle by placing a small piece of tape between our top points. Again, we used the level to mark the low points of the chevron centered between the high points. We used painter's tape to connect the dots and provide with our outline.

Learning to roll it!

Then Kaleigh and I had freedom within the parameters to add her favorite colors. We had chosen sample colors from Lowe's for this project, and used painter's tape and a small roller for the larger stripes. It was fun to make a memory!


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