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Gourds - Who Knew?

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

April, 2015

Bob & I were in St. George Utah visiting his sister, Anne, who makes beautiful designs out of gourds. I had a fun time visiting her weekly "Gourding Group," and it was really inspiring! (Anne is deep in thought on the right)

Here are a few projects they were working on that day:

Anne let me choose a gourd and take a stab at it— it was really fun!

I'm sure I'll try another one . . . looks like it could be addicting!

Here's a look at the process:

1. I chose a gourd & penciled on a design. 2. I used Annes tiny drill at the top and bottom of each point;

Then I used her little saw to cut the top off and make a lid.

3. I used her wood burner to outline the design.

4. Color was applied with gourd dyes I borrowed from Anne. When I got home I also used my liquid acrylics to paint some of the outside. The inside was painted with inexpensive acrylics.

5. I managed to get it home on the airplane in one piece! I applied a little more color and sprayed it with clear satin acrylic. Ta-da!

Thanks Anne — what a fun sister-in-law!

"But wait! there's more . . ."


Can you believe the "Wisconsin Gourd Society" is has annual festival in Madison?!?!?!? And it just happened to be held a few weeks after were got back from Anne & Allen's house.

I grabbed Charlie and Maddy for a road trip to check it out. Some of the designs were pretty impressive! The girls even got to try designing some jewelry with some small gourd pieces. It was fun to share Anne's passion with them.

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