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This Christmas, Bob & I decided we would create presents for our 11 grands that would help us pass on our some of our values. As a Financial Wellness Coach Bob is passionate about helping people become wise managers of their resources. We decided to make the kids some "Give - Save- Spend" banks.

At first I thought I'd use old cheese boxes to hold the jelly jars, but they are considered "antiques" now and cost more than we wanted to spend. Who knew?!? 

Sooo . . . . Bob build some long narrow boxes for me, and I sprayed them with a gray primer.

I used our printer and made a copy of all their names.

Then I used graphite paper (like carbon paper but not as messy) to trace them on the boxes.

Next I painted their names on and antiqued the wood. I used chalk paint, but acrylics would work great, too.

OK - so 11 kiddos were ALOT! Five Girls and Six Boys

(We've added two more since then. Good thing we have a couple extra boxes!)

Then I made labels with some of our favorite money verses to put on the inside of the boxes.

I bought Jelly jars and got special replacement slotted lids at JoAnn's to turn them into banks.


On Christmas Eve we gathered them around and told when what Grandpa teaches people about money - how God gives us money and it's our job to manage it well. We gave them the banks, and then we gave them each baggie of money to put in their jars. It was a hit!

We made some great memories and passed on some of our values in the process.


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