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Father [ Part 1 ]

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

For almost a year now, The Lord has been taking me deeper in my understanding of him as my loving Father. It started last year with a verse in Luke, “Fear not little flock, it is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.” I realized that I believed that was true for everyone else—in my head I knew this to be true, but it had not taken root deep within my own heart—for me personally. While I put my trust in God, I mostly focused on "Jesus" and had not thought too much about the "Father." That day it sunk in that not only is the Father giving ME His kingdom, but it is His GOOD PLEASURE to do it! And suddenly the word “FATHER” jumped out everywhere from the pages of His Word.

I have studied many of the Names of God and knew Him in a myriad of ways - especially as El Elyon - the Most High, and El Shaddai - the all-powerful, our all-sufficient supply, bestower of power, gifts, blessings, and whose power no enemy can withstand, and Elohim - the Supreme Creator, Mighty, Preserver, Keeper of His Covenant.

A few weeks ago I started taking the class Hooked on Hebrew with my friend Betsy in San Diego through Zoom with Rebecca Levas. We began by learning the Hebrew “aleph bet" and a few sight words. (reading left to right)

One of the first words I learned was Father and the next was Love.

Track with me now . . . I learned that Father in Hebrew is AV. (Aleph - Vet) the ancient symbol for Aleph is “ox” meaning “strength, lead, power, first.” The ancient symbol for Vet is “house,” meaning tent, dwell, in, and with.”

So Father means “Strength of the House.”

The Hebrew word "Love" Is actually the word "Father" with an "H" tucked into the center.

The ancient symbol for "H" is a little man with his arms raised, meaning "Behold, Reveal, Look, See." (See below) So the word Love means "strength of the house revealed." Love means "Father revealed!"

Boggles the mind!

While every name of God is significant and reveals who He is, Jesus came specifically to reveal one name to us—Our Lord Jesus came to reveal the name, “Father!"

Love is the Father revealed to us through Jesus.

[See Father - Part 2 for verses that show the Love of the Father]

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