Clarifying Our Mission & Vision

Since we started five weeks ago, seventy people have been coming to our Biblical Citizenship in Modern America Class, held at the Ridges, a local golf course banquet hall. As we learn together and network, it's clear that we all want to do something beyond this class to make a difference in our community, state, and country. There are lots of varied interests and issues, and many of us are unsure where in the world to start!

We (Blake & Judy, Bob & I ) decided we should start by giving people a very clear picture of what this group is all about. First we had to have a clear picture in our own minds! So we had a whiteboard session. (Actually several whiteboard sessions over the past few month) We talked about what we hoped to see happen as a result of this group connecting and taking action.We wrestled with wording and clarified what we most valued. We thought-through some strategies that could be used to help mobilize people with varied interests . . how we could move in the same direction. I started to sketch it out and then finalized it on my computer.

Here is our one-page illustration of Citizens Engaged:

It's so nice to see what we are all about - all on one page! Having a simple road map for any organization is amazingly helpful.

I coach leaders. I help them clarify their mission, target audience, values, vision, and strategy. Everything runs smoother when we are clear on these things! This is how I define the terms:

MISSION is what we will do with excellence every day to make our vision of the future become a reality.

TARGET is the group of people we are called to engage.

VALUES define what’s most important to us; they form the framework for making decisions.

VISION is a description of where we are headed in the future - It’s what the future will look like if we accomplish our mission.

STRATEGY is a plan of action to fulfill our mission and accomplish our vision; it’s what we will do to move from “where we are” to “where we want to be.” Tactics are the details that are carefully planned to accomplish each of your strategies and reach your goals.

Now that we have taken the time to clarify these things for Citizens Engaged, it will be easier for people to see if joining this group is a good fit for them.

And this one page illustration will be a like a road map to help us stay true to what we believe God is calling us to do.

Stay tuned to see where God takes us from here!

Contact me if you are a Constitution Coach who is interested in starting a Citizens Engaged group in your community. I'll be happy to share our logo and Vision Page with you.


Citizens Engaged — Story: How It Came to Be

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