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Love my bike!

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

I wanted to try a mixed media piece using Modge Podge on 1/4" birch plywood (one side smooth).

I bought a 4'x'8' at Home Depot and had them cut it into various sizes for multiple projects - 30" x 40", 24" x 36", 40" x 40", and some 12" x 12" and some 8" x 8"pieces from the leftovers.

I Gessoed the 30 x 40 board for this project, and drew the bike on with pencil after finding some photos to look at for inspiration.

I wasn't sure if I was going to fully cover the board with paper, so I painted the bike first.

I wanted to do this "on the cheap" so I bought a large jar of Modge Podge at Walmart. I used an old atlas Bob was tossing out to cover a lot of the background with maps - lots of tearing and modge-podging. I thought Maps would be good - then maybe we could use it someplace for our BRAVE Women's Conference at CLF MARCH 16 & 17, Our theme this year is "Embrace the Adventure."

At first I started mixing in other papers I've collected, but I soon realized it was such a large background that I should pretty much fill it up with the maps first and then overlay other papers to add texture. I worked on my new easel that Bob gave me for my birthday. My old one was so rickety that I tossed it out years ago. It was GREAT to work vertically and to have it in place, right where I wanted it.

I think if I do an object like this with such a large background I might just cover the board in papers and then sketch on the object . . . but I often like to paint a full painting first and then I "texture-it-up" with various papers in strategic spots. (See the birch trees in "Texture & More Texture!")

At first I had thought I would make this a really neutral piece, but then I decided to make the bike frame navy and the seat red - thought it would look cute above my piano with I pull out the red / white / blue decor next summer!

My favorite textures on this piece are the torn pieces of embossed papers that I sent through my Cuttlebug. I had purchased it to use with my grandkids - they love it - And now I'm having fun with it, too!

I will spray it with a UV varnish since I used so many printed and "found" papers. You never know how they will hold up - there is always a chance they could fade. The only way to get around that is to paint your own papers. When I do that I use Golden brand Liquid Acrylics. I was introduced to them by Carol Nelson at a workshop at Dillman's Resort in Lac Du Flambeau a few years ago. I'll probably get back to painting more of my own papers one of these days - and maybe I'll get my grands to help me :)


Be sure to take a great photo of your work!

I'm wishing I had done a better job of that as I no longer have this piece to re-photograph. Thankfully I did have one photo that was good enough to use in order to make some smaller prints. (24 x 30 or smaller)

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