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- personal endorsements - 


“It was our board’s extreme pleasure and good fortune to work with Diane O’Connor. She helped us reach into our minds’ corners and articulate what we were having trouble expressing—she asked the perfect questions, and inferred our responses correctly. Her follow-up was punctual, precise, and very appreciated. She is professional and a true joy to work with. Thank you, Diane!


Jenna Moran, President

Current—Young Professionals, Wisconsin Rapids, WI 


"Our administrative team participated in a Strengths workshop facilitated for us by Diane O’Connor. The biggest "take-aways" from the experience have been for our leadership team to know both our individual and group strengths, and how we can work together to meet the needs of those who look to our team for leadership.


Diane's presentation inspires you to focus on investing more of your time in your areas of strength.  I believe that by having our leadership team work in roles that support their strengths, Nekoosa Public Schools is moving forward and accomplishing more for the learners in our community.”


Terry Whitmore, Superintendent

Nekoosa Public Schools



“If your goal is to build a strong functioning team, then understanding every team member’s strength is crucial to that achievement.  As such, the StrengthsFinder 2.0 facilitation can assist in this development.

Diane O’Connor was able to fully engage all participants from a variety of backgrounds who are in diverse positions within our organization.  Ultimately, this assisted us in assuring that everyone is functioning as fully engaged team members.

What I like about the StrengthsFinder facilitation is that it should be done at all levels of an organization.  It is just as beneficial to the highest level owner/manager as it is to the entry level employee.”


Tim Zacher, VP

Express Recycling Services

Wisconsin Rapids, WI





“Diane was a founding member of the Mead Elementary Charter School Governing Council.  She helped define the role of the council in collaboration with parents, staff, and community members.  As Council President, her leadership brought talents in marketing, team building, and helped clearly define our governing vision.  Diane created a model design to help illustrate the critical relationships and responsibilities of charter school governing councils in relation to school boards and administration. Her leadership talents were instrumental and invaluable to the establishment of our new charter school.”


Margie Dorshorst, Principal

Mead Elementary Charter School, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin





“Leading a support group for women who have been sexually abused is not an easy task!  But through the development, implementation and actual running of this ministry we had a wonderful leader, Diane O'Connor, offering guidance and encouragement through every step of the way.  Her warm, insightful advice helped guide us as we  helped women with pain and healing from their past sexual abuse.”


DaNita Carlson, Co-Founder and Leader 

 of The Journey, Wisconsin Rapids



“Leader to Leader™ has been one of the most beneficial ministries we have offered in the past 10 years. This leadership development experience is still bearing fruit in our church today, as a tool to not only develop leaders but to also help them discover where their gifts and talents lie! I would highly recommend it as an opportunity to help any pastor develop his or her staff in the area of leadership and vision casting.”


Pastor Chuck Schumacher

Senior Pastor, High Mill Church

N. Canton, Ohio



“I want to take time to thank you and Julie for facilitating the Leader to Leader™ training here at Mount Olive Lutheran Church.  The impact on our leadership team here was immeasurable.  The resource material and the group sessions were always insightful, relevant, and pertinent to the subject matter.  As a team we learned a lot about each other, our strengths, our values, and our abilities.  Through the knowledge gained, we will no doubt become better and stronger leaders, which in turn will help us move the church and congregation forward to a successful future.”


Terry J Halligan

Director of Operations

Mount Olive Lutheran Church, Weston, WI  54476



“I will be forever grateful to you for all that I learned in Leaders to Leader! God really used that learning to help me understand how he created me, knowing we'd be out here serving. That knowledge helps me to use my strengths in how I connect with my own family, and new families in our lives. I feel like I know who I am, and that frees me up to learn and reach out to others! Very exciting!”  


Elissa Hanneman



“I absolutely loved the time together and the coaching retreat this past week-end...I can't wait to get together again.  God has been showing me so many exciting things from it.  I cherished the quiet time on Saturday afternoon as He opened my eyes to some things, and gave me reassurance in some areas.  And connecting with the group was so excited to journey together this season! 


Teri Moomaw



“So THIS is what my brain looks like on paper!”

(Comments after seeing the results of a one-on-one coaching session)


Pam Heckman, Women’s Ministry Leader, Port Edwards, Wisconsin 



“The Leader to Leader facilitator training is beyond words. Amazing and excellent. We started with a evening and half-day retreat and kept learning and growing. I met and bonded with new friends also. Looking forward to sharing these riches in months to come. I thank God and my church for this wonderful opportunity. This is a life changing training that was beautifully executed.”


Pastor Marykay, Ohio



“I had the opportunity to meet Diane O'Connor in the fall of 2008 while in Laguna Beach for a week of training through Life Purpose Coaching Centers, International (LPCCI). Diane was there, assisting Dr. Katie Brazelton with Level 1-3 Life Purpose Coach and Facilitation training. She interacted with students throughout the week of training, offering insight and encouragement. I was privileged to meet Grace, one of Diane’s clients from Jakarta, Indonesia. Diane coached Grace by phone for over a year and scheduled her 2-day life plan facilitation to be done prior to her training with LPCCI in Laguna Beach.


Diane and I connected that week, and after that week in Laguna we had follow-up conversations by phone as well as several Skype sessions. Diane was one of my biggest supporters in launching HOPE Jamaica in 2009, helping to create the logo for us and working behind the scenes, and financially supporting the project even though the Lord did not release her to physically join us in Jamaica for our conference. Diane was also instrumental in connecting me with the opportunity to teach at Rockbridge Seminary.” 


Dr. Hopelyn Mullings Brown


Hopelyn International Network, Canada 



“Having Diane coach me on ways to use StrengthFinder with clients was a value-packed, energizing time for me.  It not only gave me more insight and clearer definition on the various strengths and practical ways to use StengthFinder with future clients, but it also clarified some core values with my own signature strengths.  I gained valuable information on how to leverage my own strengths and enhance my own skills by partnering with others who have complimentary strengths.  


The resource tools she gave me will be very helpful for coaching small leader groups in both secular and Christian arenas.  Diane has both a passion for coaching leaders and an energy for training others in how to leverage their strengths. I highly recommend her.” 


Kristi Olson

Founder, Purpose Released



“When I began involving myself in Campus Crusade for Christ in 2008, Diane was an integral part of our leadership team.  She brought a solid biblical background and a passion for helping build our leadership foundation through finding our individual God given gifts, talents, and strengths.  


Through her own life story, coupled with her desire to share God’s truth, Diane was more than able to give our ministry the tools we needed to continue a successful mission.”


Charlene Nackers


Campus Crusade For Christ, Mid-State Technical College

Wisconsin Rapids, WI




“Diane was my coach during my training to become a life purpose coach.  In each conversation, Diane listened and responded in ways that I knew I had been heard.  She mirrored back to me what I had said and then had the ability to take it another step deeper.  


Diane was also able to help me verbalize things I was feeling but had not yet clarified in my own mind.  I always felt as though I had Diane's undivided attention. After every conversation I walked away knowing I had been heard and challenged to take a step forward.   Diane is an amazing coach and has also helped me a great deal in developing a women's ministry team.”  


Dr. Katherine Stickyl, PhD 

Women’s Ministry Leader,

Grand Island, New York


"I have encountered a woman who has a true servant heart! My time with Diane has been a blessing. She truly is a genuine listener, nurturer, and encourager. Diane includes the small details in follow-up  and goes the extra mile in helping her client succeed. Thank you for your guidance and support Diane! May God continue to pour His Holy Spirit on your ministry!"    

Shilhi from Hawaii“



“Diane, you are an awesome encourager!  You ask great questions and you’re a great listener.  We had a wonderful discussions and time of prayer.  It was good - and challenging!  You are a very solid Christian woman and it is evident in the way that you live your life and reach out to help and encourage many other people.  God is definitely using you to help people become all that God is creating them to be.  You are an amazing woman of God, and you have blessed my life!”    Kris from Wisconsin




“I am writing this on behalf of Diane O’Connor, to tell you how God chose to connect me with her- a woman on the other side of the world!


Few years back I came to a point in my life where I felt misdirected and no one could advise me which way to take. Because other people surrounded me experienced the same life misdirection.


Then I found Life Purpose Coaching Centers through the internet and wrote to Ms. Katie Brazelton, who referred Diane to answer my questions. Diane communicates well in spite of our cultural difference. Even though I spoke English with limitation in vocabulary, Diane quickly understood what I was trying to tell. She understood the Islamic influence in my female perspective and mindset which expressed through the way I worthed myself. I felt so encouraged as I had someone truly listened to me. With patience, she guided me to the truth about who I am in Christ.


Living with Muslim religion surrounding couldn’t deny the fact of its shaping in my life. Diane helped me changed my hatred towards Muslims into love. Changed the way I saw them as stumbling blocks into stepping stones, and obstacle into purpose. She helped me shape my calling for Muslim women.


In ten weeks, Diane becomes my model of a coach. She inspired me to walk her pathway to be a coach. However, due to limitation in my finances, it seemed impossible. Diane took the effort to gather women in her network to pray and she helped raising the funds for me, both for my tuition and travel expenses. Miracle after miracle happened. Finally I met personally with Diane in Laguna Beach, California. She facilitated a Life Purpose Planning Process that transformed my life forever. In two day intensive conversation with Diane, I finally discovered my life purpose to reach the Muslims, which was built on the firm foundation.


Having Diane in my life is a delight, if not a pride. She is a true leader, with unquestionable leadership qualities. The first image shaped in my mind when thinking about Diane is a passionate long-life learner, generous and other-conscious. And along with the image is a feeling of being encouraged, empowered and loved. A leadership influence and legacy that blended in my personal being, to be multiplied.” 

Grace from Indonesia




‘Pleasant words are as a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and health to the bones.’ (Proverbs 16:24)  I just want to say thank you for always speaking words of Life to me! God bless!”     Nichole from Missouri




“You are such an easy person for me to talk to. Thank you for really listening to all I had to say and shedding light on my answers to those questions.  I left our conversation feeling so blessed and encouraged. I can picture God sitting right beside you at your kitchen table with us.  He really used you to speak into my life.  I have walked away reminded that God loves and has accepted me just as I am.  I also realized, through our conversation, that sometimes I'm a little harder on myself than need be.  You've really encouraged me to let God use me as I am.  He made me the way I am for a purpose and I know I sometimes try to be who other people want me to be, not who God has called me to be.  


Diane, you were made to do what you are doing!  God has used you significantly in my life as a coach, a mentor, and a confidant.  Thank you for being who you are!  You make such a difference!”  Ashley from California




“Diane has been an unexpected voice of encouragement, coaching me as I've struggled to climb out of the box I was in.  Her consistent yet inviting approach, as she has faithfully relied on the Holy Spirit, has been an important tool to my growth as a Life Purpose Coach and in my walk with the Lord.  Generous with her time and talents, she has gifted me with insight that has been surprising and profound.  I respect her as a coach and field

mentor in my own training and would not hesitate to entrust my closest friend into her care.  She is a rare jewel and trusted friend, adding stability to my life.” 

Teri from Idaho





“Diane helped me put together so many details and scattered thoughts.  She was able to put order and organization to what I had been feeling for a very long time. God had been prompting me for my future and His plan for my life.  Diane was able to organize and cut through what I found confusing.  Like “exactly what do you want me to do, Lord?”  In that time I spent with Diane, it was very evident that there was a theme and God was the director.   We were able to put together a plan that was unbelievable, and so exciting.  It was bigger than I had ever imagined, and even though it was hard to look at the junk in my life, God showed me my purpose and put goals and direction to exactly what I knew He was calling me too.  The time I spent with Diane was well worth the time and I would recommend this to anyone who needs help with putting it all together.  Did I mention how much fun it is too?”  

An RN from Wisconsin





“As our Keynote speaker, Diane  O’Connor was an integral part of our Women’s Event  entitled “Life Changes…From the Inside Out” that took place at Christian Life Fellowship.  Her program was broken down into three large group sessions – Taking Stock of the Present, Discarding Remnants of the Past, and Embracing the Future.  Besides preparing and delivering these messages, Diane also brought in women to share their testimonies regarding how God has affected their lives in these respective areas.  Diane did a great job in weaving these two elements together to touch women’s hearts.  


An important element of Diane’s presentation was the workbook that she created and distributed to all attendees. The workbook not only capsulated the content of her message, but it was interactive in that the pages were completed during the sessions.  The workbook challenged the women to evaluate their lives and strategize their plan of action.  


The Women’s Event was well received by those in attendance.  The evaluation sheets revealed that the women enjoyed the day and felt that it was well worth their time to be there.  Most importantly, I think that Diane’s message was relevant and is still influencing women’s lives!”


Susan L.Siewert, Christian Life Fellowship, Port Edwards, WI 



"I thoroughly enjoyed listening to you teach yesterday during our tele-training conference. You are so natural and inviting, and our students are blown away with your gracious style and expertise. I want to thank you for your service to LPCCI. You bless me every time we work together. "


Katie Brazelton, Ph.D.

Founder, Life Purpose Coaching Centers International®




“I was privileged to have experienced Diane O'Connor's expertise as a Private Ministry Instructor during my Level Two Life Purpose Coach Training.  Diane has a natural, yet professional presence about her that instantly puts one at complete ease.  Diane has a God-given ability to inspire, a willingness to set higher standards, and a passion to help others learn, grow, and perform.  Her shared talents and love for teaching and instruction are very apparent and her desire to emerge another into leadership will not be stifled. Diane was willing to go that extra step and supply me with additional information and will continue to be an available and helpful resource for me. Diane is certainly being used mightily and an incredible asset to this Ministry Team and we are very fortunate to have her among us. Grateful for your goodness and giving.”   

Nancy from Colorado



“My experience with Diane was not only a cheerful and thorough experience of the material with an instructor, Diane was willing and able to share information and helpful resources that, she noted during our conversation,  may be helpful to me in the future as I move forward on my journey and as the Lord builds my ministry.  What a joy to work with her!”  

Norma from Arizona




"Diane's understanding of how to reach women effectively in the context of women's ministry is unparalleled.  She knows that God is honored as the feet of those who give out are washed and they are motivated and restored to their kingdom purposes and being all that God intended them to be. I learned so much from her!"   Dawn from California



“I really enjoyed a time of coaching with Diane!  It was very easy to connect

with her.  Diane affirmed my vision.  She challenged me to broaden my thinking; while at the same time, to seek a specific path so that I can be most effective.  She left me with resources to research to further my walk. More than anything she reminded me several times that the power of prayer is not just important, but imperative!!!  It is obvious that she is very skilled and gifted at what she does.  I was very blessed in the short time we had together and I now know I have someone to call on if I need more guidance.” 

Jill from Oklahoma



“Recently Diane O’Connor was my instructor for Ministry Consultant training.  Diane proved to be an inspiration and a genuine blessing. Diane’s training enabled me to investigate opportunities available to me as a Women’s Ministry Consultant. She was informative, inspiring, and thorough. Her love for encouraging leaders, and emerging leaders, was such a blessing. Her creative passion for consulting and casting vision challenged me. I would recommend Diane as an instructor. Be prepared to be encouraged and strengthened.” 

Jo Ann from Tennessee



"Diane brings a warm and gentle teaching style along with rich experience that brings the training material alive. Her heart for women shines through in her sharing and in the resources she shares. It is evident that prayer and being alert for God's guidance are a backbone in her ministry. I enjoyed working with Diane very much. What a wonderful woman!" 

Judy from Michigan



intensive 2-day life plans

“Diane facilitated a Life Plan for me and it has helped and encouraged me greatly!  I do have a life!!!  Last August I got married and in the recent transitional months from the single life to married life I have been confused and struggling to find just where I fit and what my purpose is in all of these changes.  Diane helped me to see my life and the themes in my life in a new way.  We posted a timeline of significant times in my life from my childhood through that day and it reminded me just how faithful God has been and how He has and will continue to have His hand woven throughout my life.  Through our prayer times and discussions God showed me that maybe there are some fears that paralyze me from time to time and I need to surrender those things to God.   He did have a purpose for my life in the past and those passions He created in me are still there and He has more plans for the future.  


I am excited!  We prayed and I am so thankful for God and His direction and His amazing purpose and plans for me.  Diane is truly an amazing woman seeking after God with all of her life.  She has a wonderful gift and ability to see the God-given abilities and potential in people and to encourage and inspire them to discover their passions and dream big, allowing God fulfill His plan and purpose in each one.   Things are so much clearer!”  

Kris from Wisconsin




“I can’t thank you enough for spending two days out of your busy schedule with me, to go through the Life Plan session. Since Friday I have had much time to go over my Plan and talk about it with my husband and with God. I am so excited for what the future may bring. But most of all, the greatest accomplishment of the session was for me to be able to see myself as God sees me; as he has made me! For the first time in my entire life I have actually realized that God loves me for me! After all, He created me to be me! This has been such a life affirming experience for me . . . thank you from the bottom of my heart for being the one to go through this with me! I love you like a sister!”  Sue from Wisconsin




“I’m so grateful you could be my Life Plan Coach!  From start to finish you radiated God’s love to me.  Your home was an oasis that set a relaxing tone for the conversations we had.  What a privilege it was for me to learn from you.  From our opening devotion Thursday morning, to our parting Friday night, I felt comfortable sharing any aspect of my life story with you.  Your passion to help women find “Godly Purpose” radiates from you!  That seems to be confirmation that He “designed” you for this important work.


I have always respected the knowledge you’ve gathered doing personal study on “Purpose”, ”Knowing God’s Will”, and “Living a Godly Life”.   I now have additional respect for the way you apply God’s Word and the Holy Spirit’s leading to coaching women who are hungry for Godly answers.  This goes beyond knowledge…this is Godly wisdom.”  

Connie Souba, Artist and Life Purpose Coach, Wisconsin 




“There is so much I could say about you, the process, and our time together! When I was searching on the Pathway website, reading the bios of various coaches I could connect with, you were the 'cream that rose to the top'!  Meeting you certainly confirmed that.  You are truly a woman of grace and truth, who offers a role model worth following-- both in your character, speech, and actions.  You embrace the calling of God on your life as a holy privilege and pursue it with your whole heart, fashioned with beauty and joy.   I'm so grateful that you have become part of my life story!


As for the process, working thru the Life Plan was such a flowing, enlightening journey.  Even though we didn't have much 'history' together the template and the means of working it out was so enjoyable and empowering.  I'm glad you added your Spiritual Gifts assessment as groundwork.  The booklet that you compiled helps clarify my roles and means of ministering with His power to the family of faith.  Selecting my 'most powerful verbs' also made writing my purpose statement a breeze!


The Life Plan template was thorough, creative and thought provoking.  It was and will continue to be, a valuable tool for me, taking the seeming disjointed pieces of my life and interlocking them to create a pattern to follow.  It was so amazing to see the correlation between the seasons of life laden with challenges and the valuable life lessons that resulted from trusting God in those dark times.  So we should really 'welcome them as friends'


As for our time together, it was so rich and sweet I hated to see it end!  In time, with more training, and input from other godly women, I believe I could honor Him as a fellow life coach/facilitator, if that's His best. I'll just keep taking another step. May the Lord Himself continue to enrich your life as you guide and encourage others,” Lynn from Idaho




“One of the things that I found most helpful was the way Diane is able to ask just the right question at just the right moment!  Diane has a gift of being able to get to the heart of the matter and help bring clarity to a thought process.  


Through this Life Plan process, Diane was able to help me see the unique way in which God designed me, and how He has gifted me with certain gifts that are  unique to me.  I have always had a problem with feeling ‘worthy’ and through this Life Plan session, Diane helped me to see that God loves me just the way I am, because He designed me to be who I am…and it is good!  And because of how He has designed me, there are plenty of opportunities to serve Him with the talents and abilities He wants me to use!


I would like to close by saying how happy I am that Diane O’Connor was able to be my Life Coach.  The Life Plan session was a truly uplifting experience for me, and well exceeded my expectations.  I would definitely recommend Diane to anyone seeking to work through a Life Plan!”  Susan from Wisconsin

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